Anglia Examinations has been based in Chichester, England, since 1993. Anglia offers a comprehensive and structured programme of assessing English language competence, from beginner through to full competence as an expert user. This Step-by-Step approach to testing encourages and motivates students to make clear and effective progress.

The highlights of Anglia since 1993

1993Anglia Examinations  acquired by Chichester College from Michael Middleton and Dr Raistrick, Cyprus as Anglia Examination Syndicate Ltd.
1994First end of year tests held in Cyprus delivered from Chichester College: through two franchises – Michael Middleton and Polis Kaitis, whom Michael appointed to share the territory.
1996Anglia Examinations starts operating in the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Argentina.
2000Step-by-Step system is defined with syllabus.
2003Two levels added to make the 10-level suite.
2004Speaking tests added.
2006The Anglia exams are now available in Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbia and Russia.
2008Anglia and OCNW achieve QCA Approval for the top four levels of the General English suite of tests.
2008Franchise agreements are signed for China and Taiwan.
2010Anglia is growing very fast and the exams are being taken in: Uruguay, Chile, Paraquay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Libya, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.
2014Anglia and AIM Awards partner to achieve Ofqual approval for the top four levels of the General English suite of tests.
2014Updated and revised Anglia exams are successfully being introduced worldwide, with this project we also updated the Anglia brand.
2015More franchise agreements are signed and Anglia is now available in: Mexico, Brazil, United States, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania, Nigeria, Morocco, Mongolia and Macau.